United States Coins

By | August 15, 2017

United States Coins

us mint coins or us currency coins

In year 1792 United States start minting coins. officially United States Coins star the journey . Federal Reserve Banks is the authority to supply and control us currency coins in us market. Four mint now work on minting us coins are Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint and  West Point Mint produce billion of coins each year . It mint leave an identifying letter in front side of coin. Now you can identify minting location of a coin with the symbol.


P – Stands for Philadelphia Mint

S- Stands for San Francisco Mint,

D – Stands for Denver Mint

W- Stands for West Point Mint

W and S are rarely found,

US currency coins existing denominations

One cent / 1¢ that mean $1/100

Five Cent / 5¢ that mean $1/20,

Ten cent /10¢ that mean $10/10,

Twenty file 25¢ that mean $1/4,

Fifty cent 50¢ that mean $1/2, and $1.00

Now we will give some example of these coins along with small description .

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One cent US currency coins :

us mint coins or us currency coins -one cent us mint coins or us currency coins - one centus mint coins or us currency coins - one centus mint coins or us currency coins- One cent

1/100 dollar call penny in USA .This is also known as cent .One cent coin minting started on 1793 and till now its minting is on , lots of design and metal changes are happen in between.

Five Cent US currency coins :

Five cent United States CoinFive cent Five cent United States Cointhis coin is often called as Nickel, due to its metal . 3/4 of copper and 1/4 of nickel are raw materiel of this coin  , in year 1866  its minted first , in old days this five cent coins was made of silver . ‘War Nickels’ (mid-1942 to 1945) composition of 56% of copper,35% of silver and 9% of manganese. Nickel has value of 1/20 USD.


Ten Cent US currency coins :

ten cent or Dime , us coins

ten cent or Dime , us coins

The coin called Dime , its first minted on 1796 ,

and yet it’s minting is on and coin is on circulation .

Its designed by John R. Sinnock in 1946 ,


copper and silver dime was in circulation in old days . A dime has value of 1/10 USD.


Twenty Five Cent US currency coins :

A Quarter us dollar

The Quarter ,  1/4 of an USD. Minting for twenty five cent stared on 1796 and its yet minting .Quarter coin see lots of up and down on its minting .Many  time its stopped and again minting started . Design and metal also changed by time to time. Silver, Nickel ,Copper-nickel clad Copper etc used as raw materiel for this coin .

Fifty Cent US currency coins :

Half dollar US Coin

Half dollar US Coin

This coin is  a half dollar coin , some time refer to 50 cent also.

this coin first mint on 1794 and yet minting and on circulation . in 1964 Gilroy Roberts design the coin shown in the image .

Interesting fact about this coin it is not in use . Even then you can purchase a Fifty cent coin from us mint or banks


One Dollar US currency coins :

One Dollar US CoinOne Dollar US CoinOne Dollar US CoinOne Dollar US Coin

One Dollar minting started on 1794 and yet minting is on ,  earlier days silver and gold (1849–1889) version of one dollar coins are found , you can check out more on Wikipedia 

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Conclusion :

United states has a long history of coins and lot more verities as well , in this article we tried to give you some very basic idea of American Coins . few things you may notices about american coins , almost all come in to circulation in 17th century and still survive , thats indicate strength of economy of USA, in most of the countries small value currency became oblate due to inflation. but in case of US its survives .

Do You Know ?

How much is a dime?

Its 10 Cent ,  or $1/10

How much is a penny worth?

Penny actually British word  , cent is us word for penny , one penny means $1/100 or $0.01 .

How much is an Indian head penny worth?

Rare coins have much price value , In case of Indian head penny  maybe approx $300-$350 .


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