the “King of Hobbies” coin collection

By | July 11, 2017

the “hobby of kings” coin collection

 hobby of kings

Coin collection is an old hobby with rich history.its called hobby of kings .Long time ago in Ancient Rome and other Europeans countries coins are collected by intellectual (pandit). During Renaissance (14th century) its became Royal hobbies. Lots of members from royal families, poets, philosopher and other well-known person in history has their personal collection of coins. Few name Petrarch, Pope Boniface VIII, Louis XIV, Ferdinand I, Henry IV thus its became “Hobby of Kings”. But from 17th to 18th century its became popular to middle class and its became ” King of Hobbies.”.


People who collect coins are called Numismatics. The word Numismatics means more than a coin collector, but often a coin collector are called Numismatics. .
Coin came to circulation long long time ago, even they are older than we can imagine. It’s around 600-700 BC, including Ancient India, Libya , Aegina Island other places coin come to circulation .We can think it’s start of modern economical civilization . In general you can imagine that all old coins was made by gold, but that’s not true. Others metal are also in use, in maximum case those are copper and silver.

Check out Ancient Indian coins 

Why coin collection

Coin collection first of all a hobby , it’s a great fun , it’s give you good feeling . No matter how much financial value it could be but the variety of coins in your collect make you feel proud .
Some people take it as investment, they try to buy coins in lower price and sell in higher price. Coins which has historic values became more valuable in terms of money. Value of coins depends on its rareness, age, metal, related with which organization or kingdom. Sometime some mistake make a coin rare and became more valuable .

In some part of the word coin collection consider symbol of good financial health for a family . In India people buy gold and silver coins in wish of good and stable financial year ahead, this festival come with Diwali and called Dhanteras .Interestingly those coins are not currency coins .Generally loads Ganesha and Devi Laxmis images are engraved on those coins . Jewelry shops are main vender for those coins. You can try amazon and ebay for silver and gold coins also

Know value of coins

So you can collect coin for hobbies, for fun, as investment or also for wishing prosperity. But one thing I can tell you today’s coins can gain high currency value in future, but probably no to near future, your grandchildren can have it.
How to start
Simple start with what you have in your wallet or pocket, pick a transparent jar and start storing , I will not recommends to use piggy bank , in piggy bank people do savings , in case of coin collection you should have option to easily access your coins , this inspire you to collect more . Sometime you may prefer to exchange coins from others so easy accessibility is must.

Where I can find ?

Initially you stared with those coins which you have, by picking a few from there to start the journey , now actual challenges start , how to get more , especially when currency value or resell value are there with a coin , here are few suggestions , which may help you .

1) Governments or Banks who is the authority for circulating coins sometimes issue coins for memories , memories of incidents like world cup football, Olympic ,historical events , birthday of famous people in history , so keep your eye open , soon you will have some coins from these , you know best part everyone is not Numismatics, so you will always have great chance to get new coins .

2) Exchange coins could be a good way to increase collect, you may have collection of same coins, and you could try to get something new by exchanging them. In social media you can try to find groups, but be careful, as you do not know people personally be sure about quality and genuity of coins, remember most rare coins have must duplicates copy in market.

3) Do you have a friend, relative or anyone who frequently travel around the world? Think once he/she could be a good suppliers for foreign coins, it could be very common coin in its own country but surely rare in you.

4) You might find local stores where coins are sold or purchased along with other historical items , but be careful when you are purchasing , verify quality and genuinely of the coin, with the terms quality one interesting thing came in mind , often people thought old coins should looks like new one then only it’s in good quality , but reality is different , may some coins can be found as brand new condition , but as a collector you need to consider age of the coin , so natural damage due to age does not decrease value , but bad restoration does . while purchasing from store make sure you are purchasing authentic coin , some kind of certification should be there ,
Some time you may find whole collection of coins framed or organized in an album, its called coin album, Risk with album is if you are old coin collector you may found lots of coins already there in your collection.

5) Online store: you can try Amazone , Ebay to purchase coins or coins album , in my opinion it could be a good choice because all websites are renounced marketplace and they all carry some kind of guaranty for your money along with return and refund option , like others items you purchase from these e-Commerce website you can enjoy same facility .

Protect your coins , know more how ?


When can start ?

Well, there is no such good or bad time to start coin collection, you can start whenever you want, and now you know probable source of getting new coins so you can start anytime. I personally not recommends you to start it with huge investment, take it as fun, and enjoy it first, in few days you will know lots of things about coin collection, I am also sure you will find someone in your family/friend who also collect coins, or at-least have same hobby before , that will give you motivation, an extra kick .After spending few months or may be an year I am expecting you as an expert, now you can take decision how to and how much you should spent for coin collection.

How to sell your coins 

How to determine quality?

If you are dealing rear coins or historical coins you must get certified by one organization like Third-party grading (TPG), Independent Coin Graders (ICG) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)


Coin collection is easy, simple hobby. Anyone can start in any age, it does not cost money if you are not going behind historical rare or gold/silver coin. Some coins which you are using every day if you keep your eye open it could became a great collection. Ask your family member or friend if they are already doing same, probably you will find someone. May be these people can help you or guide you with their experience.

For which purpose you are collecting coins does not matter its always have currency value. As a smallest unit of operating currency coins always have promised value, but age, metal, mistake make it more valuable. Worldwide lots of museum, government and non-government organizations are there related with coins collection due to the value. And as a collector like you I also always wish my collection to be rare, and it should have value behind it’s promised currency value.


Do you know ?

What is coin collecting?

Coin collection is collection of valuable , rare , ancient or legal tender coin . Often minted mistake , historically old coins are make a collection valuable .

What do you call a collector of coins?

A coin collector is called Numismatics . Who collect or study of coins ,paper money , token etc.

What is the study of coins and medals called?

It’s  called numismatology

What is the most valuable coin?

check out rare coins and its value

How do I become a coin collector?

Start collecting coins , may be start from your wallet, can purchase some . You can exchange some of your collection with friend or family member.

How do you clean old pennies?

You can try vinegar and salt or  lemon . Be careful  often people reduce value of coin by cleaning in wrong way . If its valuable old coin , take expert help.

What is coin collecting books?

The guide book of coins collection , Coin collection red book on of the most popular one

What is coin collecting albums?

These are like photo album , but its album for coins . You can buy a Coin albums on online stores , in auction or local stores . If you purchase one you can get lots of coins at once . You can also create your collection albums .

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