The 1804 Class I Silver Dollar

By | October 10, 2017

The 1804 Class I Silver Dollar Most Expensive coin

In the history of coin , one of most expensive coin of the world is 1804 Class I Silver Dollar.


In 1999 one of Class I Silver coin sold in $4.14 million.


US mint minted the 1804 dollar or Bowed Liberty Dollar  as gift first in year 1834 .Interestingly  in coin year is mentioned as 1804 . You can check Details on Wikipedia


1804 Class I Silver Dollar

In Year 1834 only eight  Silver coin was minted by US mint as a  gifts to Asian rulers in exchange for trade advantages. Those Became Class I coins . means legally made Coins.

Class II and Class III coins are also minted in US mint but those was minted illegally by an employee of US mint named Eckfeldt.  Eckfeldt minted 7 coins between 1858 and 1860.


So totally 15 coins are in existence now , which make these coins very very Rare . which has impact in its price . purpose of minting it and age of coin plays positive role in this coin’s price .

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Coin Observation

i) Its a silver coin

ii) the value of 1804 Class I Silver Dollar  is $1

iii) Weight 26.581 g

iv) Diameter 37-40 mm

v) Materiel used : 90.0% Silver , 10.0% Copper

Do You Know ?

i) how much is an 1804 silver dollar worth?

The 1804 Class I Silver Dollar sold in a public auction at $4.14 million in year 1999. This coin is expensive coin from 18th century .

ii) When 1804 silver dollar minted ?

Interesting face on minting , its first minted in 1834 , but on coin its shows year  1804 . Next time coin minted again between  1858 and 1860 .The coin minted in phase 2 are Class II and Class III coin , and quantity was 7.

iii) Why 1804 Class I Silver Dollar coin minted ?

Its mint for diplomats Edmund Roberts appointed by President Andrew Jackson , to gift Asian rulers in exchange for trade advantages .

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