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By | July 19, 2017

Value of rare coins

Rare coins means those coins which is not available easily, and its been always point of interest for a collector.In

value of rare coins

case of coin, it could be rare due to probably for following reasons

a) Ancient/old Coin: Coin that minted long time ago
b) Minted for very small duration/ minted with mistake

There could be other reasons like related with some famous person or part of non-circulated museum collection, but first 2 are general cause when a coin became rare.
Ancient/old Coin  it could be from long time ago
As you know all rare things became more valuable, due to normal low of demand supply, so rare coins are also valuable, I am indicating value in terms of currency values, except that a coin can have historical values.

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Ancient/old Coin

oldest coin

Our coin history is so old, it’s started around 600 -700 BC, so if you calculate its 2700 years ago when human civilization started coin minting. So coins from ancient age with good condition can sold in higher price,the first coin from Sardis, Lydia, Asia Minor is stored in British Museum.


We know about few old coins which have very high value, below are few

17945 Flowing hair silvercopper dollar1

$10 million: 1794/5 flowing hair silver/copper dollar

1933 Double eagle


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$7.6 million: 1933 Double eagle

1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle

$7.6 million: 1907 Saint-Gaudens double eagle

1787 Brasher Doubloon


$7.4 million 1787 Brasher Doubloon

1343 Edward III florin

$6.8 million 1343 Edward III florin

Check images if you have one! If not do not worry we are not completed yet, may be in other 1 category you found one, which can change your day.

Minted for very small duration/ minted with mistake

Some coins are minted for very small amount of time, may be due to mistake or other reasons . Those coins became rare and  valuable . I will try to tell you a few of those you can check out books on amazon on same topic .

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New Pence:

New Pence £400, this is because The Royal Mint accidentally released 2 pence coin which has wording “New Pence” in year 1983. It was a mistake, previous 2 pence coins also have word New Pence, but from 1981 The Royal Mint change it to “Two Pence”, hence they release 2 pence coin with old word “New Pence” in 1983

Olympic 50 p :

Olympic 50p rare

Old Olympic 50p

Olympic 50p

New Olympic 50p

this is  a 50 Pence coin, introduce to celebrate London Olympic 2012, it was minting defect .Swimmer face was not visible clearly on first version. Rectified version lunched soon , as a result old one became rare and value grows up to £1,000

Year of the mule:

Year of the mule

this is on 2014 on £2 coin, in the side where queen’s face engraved was minted with wrong die, this coin sold on eBay in £1755
Lincoln Cent with a Doubled-Die: this minted on 1969, and value goes up to $30,000
Wisconsin State Quarter with an Extra Leaf 2004, it’s sold up to $1,200

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You can try on eBay or amazon with error coins search, you will get lots of coins there.


In conclusion i must say all rare things are valuable , same rule applied on coin also. A coin collectors its has more than financial value . Collecting an ancient coin may not be possible for maximum people but we can get error coins for sure . After verifying on eBay you may remember same kind of coin you have own sometime or now ,so keep eye open and carry on collecting

 Do you know ?

What is the first coin ever made?

Around 610 -600 BC, in modern Turkey (Sardis, Lydia, Asia Minor) king Alyattes minted first coin, it’s made by gold and silver, and a lion face was engraved on the coin. This is the oldest coin we know.

Who created the first coin?

Coin minting started on 600 – 700 BC. Some historian said  probably  it’s in India, some said Turkey and few said Aegina Island Greece.

What is the most valuable coin in the world?

1794/5 Flowing hair silver/copper dollar is the most valuable coin , it’s  sold in $10 million.

When did money start being used?

Probably money concept started 5000 BC. The concept  of  coin or modern money came around 700 BC.

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