Indian Gold Coin

By | September 13, 2017

Indian Gold CoinIndian Gold Coin

Gold is very important metal in Indian social and religion life. India is fond of gold. From birth to death every milestone of life Indian use gold. Seeing new born baby for first time, Indian try to bring some gold ornament .Marriage Gold is the precious gift. In Sothern part of India use of gold is much than other part of India.
Interestingly this madness to gold has both way impact in Indian economy. For small scale in family level its give stability and ability to overcome financial bad patch. As it’s easy to encashment people collect gold considering dab time. In overall India economy some time it has negative impact, because demand of yellow metal in India much much higher than its availability in India. So Government of India need to spend more foreign reserve in gold.
Dhanteras: This is especially on the day of Diwali . The festival of light. People purchase Gold on this day, old believe that purchasing gold on this day will make full year successful and financial stability. Some part of India this Diwali is start of business year.


Ancient Gold Coin

Gupta dynasty-Samudra-gupta

If we look at history of India, there are several dynasty rule this region, and some world famous kings also from this region like Samudra Gupta , the great Asoka, Akbar are among them . In Gupta Dynasty around 450 BC we found first Indian gold Coin . You can check out more on Ancient Indian Coin.


British India:

British Indian Mohurs
After Mughal British start ruling India, approx. 200 years the rule this geographical region. Actual Modern India get its shape under British rule. During 200 years rule some time at early stage they have mix coin economy with native kings. When rule come under British quine whole India runs under same coin and paper note currency system. This British age has its own gold coins, in face Mohun commonly known as gold coin was coin of this age. It’s worth approx. 15 rupees.
You can get more information on British Indian Coin article.

Diwali / Dhanteras Coin:

Dhanteras coin

Omm Dhanteras coin

this is typically Indian culture, in larger part of India Diwali is start of business year, so people arrange puja of Laxmi (Davi / goddess of wealth) at home ., And every one try to buy some gold or at list silver on that day. Common believe if this days goes well whole year will be good. In India Gold is symbol of good luck. People. Gift gold to wish good luck and financial stability. This is high demanding time for gold. Gold and silver coins are sold on jewellery stores, online stores like ebay , amazon , flipkart . These gold coins are typically looks same. Image of load Ganesh and Devi Laxmi commonly seen in the coin and Sometime Omm symbol also.

akshaya tritiya gold coin

Akshaya tritiya also has own version of gold coin, where 2 elep

hant spring gold to Davi Laxmi who is sitting in the middle in a lotus .


India Government Gold Coin:

India Government's Gold Coin

Government of India bring their own gold coin on November 2016. This is purely for investment purpose. Three type of coins are there based on weight, 5 grams, 10 grams and 20 grams. This coins follow all standards, and could be a good alternative people who believe in investing in gold. You can know more from here.

Conclusion :

India is a country of mix culture, among many one common things is gold, almost all Indian love gold. With knowledge or without knowledge they invest in gold .Indian gift gold to people whom they love, even God. Many south Indian temples have huge property due to gold.
If you consider you as a collector you can collect Dhanteras and India government coin easily with value of money, but in case of original coins you may have to invest more as they are pretty old, and history added value to those coins.

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