How to Sell my coins

By | July 29, 2017

How to Sell my coins

new coins of indiaSelling coin collection always been a tough decision for a coin collector . If you did not collect coin for investment then believe it’s a big decision to sales own collection . Its takes long time to collect few rare coins , may be some you got from your grandfather . As a result lots of memories are with your collection . So when you take decision we can understand your need. We also believe one day you will get back those again.  With god wish we will discus today on topic How to Sell my coins.

Now I will tell you how you can sell your collection and where, what you need to take care and how you should proceed. The most challenging part is where to sell . What price I should demand? so  now we will discuss all but based on your need you have to finalize what you should  do.


What I should not do?

1. Do not go to a pawn, because as they will do business on your coin and they did not sure when they can sell it .  So they always try to get more merging than other , may be they will offer you less than half of actual market price

2. Do not sell to quickly or to the first person before talking with other buyers. there are always chance to get less price if you sell directly to first buyer ( but it may not be true all the time )

3. Do not put extra effort to clean coins. Sometime people want to make it glossy and use several chemical on coins . thus they damage it.

4. Never judge coin on its metallic value, especially in case of gold and silver coins this may happen. These coins have historical value as well, which is much more than value of gold or silver . It’s have as a result old gold coins are have greater price value then metallic value .

Check out Ancient Indian coins 

Who should I get prepared for sell?

Old indian coinMake a list of coin that you have to Sell

1) First of all you need to decided how much of you collection you want to sell
2) How many rare coins are there on your sales list ,


Get Idea of Price ,online store search can help you

1) How much may coins worth? This is the biggest questions , I can give you some idea how to get idea on price of your coin , maybe at the time of sales you can get more or less , but probably very close to your sales price .
a) Collect Red Book /coin collector book from Flipkartamazon or eBay so you can have a reference in hand .

b) So now you can find value of coin from our coin book collector book.
c) Check out eBay Amazon, few more websites are there who deals with coins , like vcoins and greatcollections
These websites and guide books will inform you about the online selling price of coin also cause of price like Rare coin, ancient coin.
Once you are done with these 3 now need to find the answer where and how much, I will tell you some idea you maybe can try to check out .

Try Social Network to buy or sell coin online

Social Network : if you are reading my article then I can hope you have an account in Facebook or maybe in twitter, in both place you can try to find group or people talking on coin collection, now a days buy and selling coin online via social network became easy .  Some business house also enlisted there. You can post you coin’s image and let people know you are trying to sell, believe me these groups are really active, and you will find many collector like you there, who reply and comment. Auction Happen on Facebook with given time , checkout now.

copper and silver coins of india


Check out local Coin Shop

A Coin Shop : if you have any Coin shop nearby it will be great , you can check out price of your coin there ,( if you do not no , no worry vauctions , Teletrade, Heritage Auctions or Great Collections

 How to know value of your collection


Its take a great amount of time to build a great coin collection . May be 30-45 years of time , also you may got some family coins which your father or grandfather may collected .So it’s really tough decision to sell it , but need can compel human to run against your wish .S we suggest  be slow and steady to take decision .

If you are doing even investment in coin even then do not put you in a hurry . Make your game plan and move steadily get maximum benefit . Do not put yourself in forced sales Situation, and I hope the above tips will help you to detect value of your coin and get maximum return of your collection .

Know more about Coin Album

Do you know ?

How Auction  process work ?

simply on  enlisted product people can place bid , and on height bidder (in terms of price) awarded with the product.

What is highest coin auction value?

Queen Elizabeth II ,4 million , its not any regular coin its the largest gold coin .

What is coin red book?

Its a pricing guide of US coins , as price changes so each year this book published .

Where I can buy coin online ?


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