The Flowing Hair dollar

By | October 14, 2017

The Flowing Hair dollar : most Expensive coin

The Flowing Hair dollar

Today we will talk about most expensive coin The Flowing Hair dollar.  Its minted on 1794-1795. This is one of the popular and rear coins of USA. This dollar coin  is the first minted coin used by US federal government , so it has historical value which make it rare .

2000 copies of The Flowing Hair dollar  minted in year 1794, in 1995 number increased to 160,000. In year 2013 coin is soled at price of $10,016,875, which make it one of most expensive coin .You can check out Wikipedia for others expensive coins also  check out Coin and  values to know about more Expensive Coins


History Of Coin in US

In year 1789 US Constitution grand congress power “to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”.In 1791 Alexander Hamilton submitted his study reports to congress as Treasury Secretary on US monetary  system and potential of  US mint. Based on his report Congress passed a joint resolution, Officially that was the order to int coins .


Where to buy ?

We have did some research on this topic , and checked out several source where you can purchase this coin till now . one of the big source is eBay . But all are from 1795 , and starting price $800 to $13000,. If you are a extreme collector and has money to purchase you can checkout . In auction also some time this coins sold . you can keep eye on newspaper for advertisement .

Coin Observation

i) Its a silver coin

ii) the value of 1794 Flowing Hair dollar is $1

iii) Weight 26.96 g

iv) Diameter 39-40 mm

v) Materiel used : 90.0% Silver , 10.0% Copper

vi)The most expensive Coin Designer Robert Scot


Do You Know ?

1)  Flowing Hair dollar is the first minted coin in US .

2) in year January 2013 this coin sold in $10,016,875.



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