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American Gold coins

American Gold coins Gold is being point of interest for human form very beginning , the yellow metal attracts human from ancient age . Gold coins are also equally popular from ancient age throughout the world, Gold is a great symbol of god economic health, stability. So gold is not only popular for ornaments, gold is… Read More »

United States Coins

United States Coins In year 1792 United States start minting coins. officially United States Coins star the journey . Federal Reserve Banks is the authority to supply and control us currency coins in us market. Four mint now work on minting us coins are Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, San Francisco Mint and  West Point Mint… Read More »

British Indian Coin

British Indian Coin British Indian coin means coins mint by British during their rule , every one knows British come to India for doing trade, but quickly capture political power. First they stared with east India Company, after that rule goes under British parliament and queen became queen of India. While East India Company ruling… Read More »

Ancient Indian Coin

Ancient Indian Coin Ancient Indian coins, this topic has some problem. The Problem is before British came what to be call India? Are we considering modern India as India for old coin? Coin history of this geographical area is much older than age of modern India, even British India. One solution may be if we… Read More »