British Indian Coin

By | August 1, 2017

British Indian Coin

British Indian coin means coins mint by British during their rule , every one knows British come to India for doing trade, but quickly capture political power. First they stared with east India Company, after that rule goes under British parliament and queen became queen of India. While East India Company ruling India there was 3 presidency, Madras Presidency, Bombay Presidency, and Bengal Presidency and each has its own coin.  After Indian Rebellion / “Sipahi Vidroha” of 1857 finally rule of queen start in India.  British Indian coin

If we consider currency during British rule then we can divide it in two age, company age, and British government age. If we focus on company age then again 2 divisions there, presidency based coin (before 1835) and unified coin for all British territory (1835-1858).

Queen Victoria coin (1862 -1901) was first coin that come from British Empire. Probably we can say first British coin as authority was under British Empire.


Unit and Metal used

Coin units was pie, Pice, Anna, rupee, mohur, one pie is 1/3 Pice, where 16 anna makes a rupee, and 15 rupee make a mohur. Interestingly people even today use those terms anna, shikki, aduli, especially eastern part of India.

If we talk about those coins metal, there was lot of verity in metal as well from copper to gold, smaller currency was in copper, then silver and finally gold, “Mohun” which is a type of British Indian Coin became name of Gold Coin. You can explore Wikipedia for more and detailed information on unit and Metal  .

Now we will take a look on few  British Indian coins which was in circulation from early British rule to 1947 . First we will try to show some sample coins from each presidency , then from whole British period we will pick coins made of each metal, as a result you will know how coins was different from one presidency to another .

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British Indian coin from Bengal Presidency

East India Company 1/12  : made of copper : 1835-1848, value $10-$12

British Indian coin from Bengal Presidency -East India Company _1/12 anna British Indian coin from Bengal Presidency -East India Company _1/12 anna

East India Company quarter anna  :1835, value $10-$14

British Indian coin from Bengal Presidency -East India Company quarter anna_2 British Indian coin from Bengal Presidency -East India Company quarter anna_2

British Indian coin from Bombay Presidency

1 Pie copper coin : 1830-1831 ,value $45-$55

1 Pie

British Indian coin from Madras Presidency

1 Pie copper coin : 1825-1833, value $18-$22

 1 Pie 1825-1833

We can divide coins in metals of its made , we already gave some example of copper , lets check out some silver,Nickel and gold coins

British Indian  Silver Coin

One Rupee – George V-

1 Rupee - George V-silver1.Crowned bust of George V facing left.Years 1912-1936
2. Value : 1 Rupee (1)
3. Metal  : Silver
4 : Weight : 11.66 g
5: Shape : Round

Value $75 -$85



One Rupee – Edward VII-silver

one Rupee - Edward VII-silver1.Bust of King Edward VII facing right

2. Years  : 1903-1910
3. Value : One Rupee
4.Metal : Silver
5. Weight : 11.66 g
6: Shape : Round

Value : $40-$45



Nickel Coin from British India

One Rupee – George VI


One Rupee - George VI
1. Crowned head George VI facing left
2.Year : 1947
3.Value : One Rupee
4.Metal : Nickel
5.Weight : 11.8 g
6. Shape : Round

Value : $9 -$12


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Gold Coin from British India

Fifteen Rupees – George V (Mohun)

Fifteen Rupees - George V (Mohun)
1.Crowned bust of King George V, facing left
2. Year :1918
3. Value :15 Rupees
4. Metal :Gold
5. Weight :7.98 g
6. Shape :Round

Value :$6200 – $6500



Sovereign – George V Gold


Sovereign - George V Gold
1. King EORGIVS V  facing left
2.Year: 1918
3: Value:1 Sovereign (15)
4.Metal: Gold
5.Weight:7.9981 g
6.Shape :Round

Value : $425 – $450



Conclusion :


In British period in Indian there was lots of rare coins , and few interesting facts regarding coins was when they are starting British rule Company coin and  Indian coins like in Bengal Shah Alam II, in Madress Cash , in Bombay pice and  Shah Alam II  was in circulation at same period of  times , as a result some mix coins also found in same place and time .When British  leave India ,independent India use British coins . World war also has impact on British coin’s quality; after 1939  silver was less pure , so silver coins got effected in terms of value .

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